About Us

The Coffee Company produces specialty custom roasted coffees to our customers, nationwide, within 48 hours or less from the roast. We take great care in ensuring our customers brew the freshest cup of coffee available.

Our mission as a roasting company involves a never ending search for the highest quality coffees from regions around the world. This search allows us to bring the finest coffee beans and great variety to The Coffee Store and our customers. We don't just stop at sampling our coffees before introducting them to The Coffee Store but in addition we carefully sample roast each coffee order to preserve the peak coffee tates characteristics.

The Coffee Company customers have our assurance that they have received a truly fresh product by the "Roast-On-Date" on our coffee bags. This establishes a time line in which the coffee should be consumed which can make the difference between a lively cup of coffee or a bland cup.

For your needs, big or small, The Coffee Company is your one stop source for your personal or commercial coffee needs. We insure the same high quality in our small batches as our large batches of freshly roasted coffee beans.

I invite you to try the difference of Fresh Roast at The Coffee Company.