Grind Selection Guide

To maintain the most superb characteristics of flavor and freshness we prefer to ship Whole Bean fresh roasted coffees. Consequently Whole Bean is the default grind selection on our product ordering pages. Yet for your convenience and brewing pleasure, we offer the following guide to our grind selections. Each selection is designed to assure that the optimal cup of coffee is delivered for the brewing device of choice. Additionally, we employ only burr grinders which, unlike blade grinders, facets the coffee rather than shreads it. We identify the domestic brewing devices/methods and then recommend our handcrafted grind slection respectively.

Drip Machines are available in two familiar types; those which use flat bottom filters and those which use cone filters made of metal or paper. Accordingly we designed two drip grind textures.

1. Flat bottom filters resemble a pleated muffin wrapper in appearance and require a coarser grind of coffee. For this type of drip machine, select our Drip grind.

2. Cone Filters resemble a paper snow cone cup but with a squared off bottom tip in appearance and require a finer grind of coffee. For this type of drip machine, select our Drip fine grind.

Espresso Machines force water through the grinds, for that reason, a finer grind of coffee known as espresso grind is needed. There are two general types of machines. Please note: All types of espresso machines may have a steaming wand incorporated into their units for the frothing of milk. Do not consider this feature to determine the machine type.

1. Steam Machines require a coarser espresso grind. Water is poured into the top of the unit and sealed with an airtight screw cap. Select Espresso Coarse Grind for this type of espresso machine.

2. Pump Machines need a finer espresso grind. This unit delivers water into the machine through direct water source tubing or has a water container; which unlike the steam machine does not require an airtight compartment. We recommend Espresso Fine Grind for this unit type.

French Presses and Percolators both require the most coarse grind of all to disallow grounds from passing through the mesh screen on a French press and the sieve basket on a Percolator. For these types of units select the French press/Percolator Grind.

Turkish Grind brewing method requires an extremely fine grind of coffee for it is brewed directly in the cup; steeped in hot water. We offer our Turkish Grind for an excellent result.

We trust that no matter the coffee brewing method you employ that the grind textures we suggest will assure you reap the satisfying rewards realized in our fresh roasted and superlatively handcrafted coffees. Should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us. E-mail any question or comments to: